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It is possible to take web design / webmaster certification exams without taking any courses or assessment exams, but this option is recommended only for those who have been a practicing professional webmaster for many years and are simply looking to acquire a certification of their skills. For most aspiring webmasters, the certification process consists of the following four steps:

Become a member of WOW Academy
There is no fee to become a member of WOW Academy. Only members can purchase our courses, assessments, and certifications.

Purchase courses
Choose the courses mapping to the certifications for which you want to attempt. Assessment exams can also help determine which courses to purchase.

Take assessment exams
You may choose to attempt an assessment exam mapping to the certification to help you prepare before attempting the real exam.

Take the certification exam
Take the exam that is right for you. The WAW, WCW, and CWP exams can be taken online. CIW and CAW exams must be taken at a testing center.

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